Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated August 25th, 2017

How do I add my servers?
Head to the panel, pick the server you want to add from the menu on the left, and follow the steps. As soon as you've added the bot, your server is listed.
How do I improve my listing?
Primarily from how you name your server, and the details you provide in the panel.
How do I get premium?
We are currently not offering premium. An announcement will be made when we make changes to this. Feel free to sign up for the newsletter, or join the support server!
I just added my server, how long does it take to show up?
It should show up pretty quickly. If it still isn't showing up after 30 minutes, ask in our server.
I can't manage my servers!
Make sure you're logged in to the right account, and make sure you have manage permissions on the server you want to manage.
The bot is offline, is that an issue?
Nope, the bot is able to pull data that it needs to when its online.
The bot isn't working, should I kick and re-add it?
No, this normally won't solve any problems.

If you have any questions not listed here please drop by our support server and ask away!

We are not affiliated with Discord, please visit this server for Discord help.