»»——?????????: ???? ?????????———» Coldwater: Wild Frontiers* is an 18+ D&D (Fifth Edition) Roleplay server that breaks from the usual high fantasy setting, and puts the players into the western world of New Alamos!

Want to perform a train robbery whilst a dragon chases it? Collect the bounty of the head of a bandit clan? Drink and celebrate with others at the saloon after facing great evil forces, reawakened by unfortunate gold miners? No problem, we have it all you can think of.

This server offers players, both new and experienced, in D&D a way of playing the tabletop game in a new light as with lore and interactions between NPC played by Dungeon Masters, Bounties (Quests in other words), and through Roleplay and Erotic Roleplay. We accept everyone with open arms and hope you too can be a part of this amazing new journey!

What we offer: • Level 3 Character Creation • 40 point Points-Buy for stats • A western setting that blends with fantasy themes • Guild Creation • Beginner-Friendly • Avrae custom commands • Downtime activities • And more!

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