This is a League of Legends Coaching Server I created for low elo to high elo players! We have everything from free coaching to paid coaching with me! This was started because I personally want to affect the league community in my own way, Enjoy!

Hey guys, My name is Dontae (also known as De by the online community. I am in the Army National Guard as a 12 Whiskey. I have an associates degree in Criminology and I am working towards a bachelors in Computer Science. I currently play for Northern Michigan University as their starting ADC. Business Inquires: [email protected]

Go check out my twitch

Thursday: 4 P.M. - 9 P.M.

Friday: 6 P.M. - 10 P.M.

Saturday: 7 P.M - 11 P.M

Sunday: 12 P.M - 5 P.M

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