☆☆ The Fluff Bucket ☆☆ Welcome to the Fluff Bucket, a growing furry community! We are a safe space for all furries and non-furries alike! We are a strongly art & furry based SFW server! LGBTQ+ Friendly as well!

What you can find in our server:

☆ Slurpee Bot verification system! Slurpee helps us verify our new members in a quick and easy fashion! Bot made by Sniff122

☆ Slurpee is named after our very own two-tailed mascot! He's featured in our banner, invite, and server icon!

☆ Artists! We have a strong artist base here! Share art, love art, and become a verified artist too!

☆ Fursuits! Enjoy pictures from fursuit owners and fursuit makers (including TFB's very own owner)!

☆ Awesome Staff! We have a great staff team that works around the clock to keep the server up and running!

☆ Fun giveaways and events! Enter to win art and more!

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