Our server, FNLB, is specifically designed to empower players like you with advanced lobby bot capabilities. Let's take a closer look at what FNLB has to offer:

  • Cosmetics Customization: FNLB enables you to give your lobby bot a unique personality by equipping it with a wide range of cosmetics. From unreleased skins to exclusive emotes, you have complete control over the appearance of your bot.

  • Bot lobbies: Allows you to play with Bot lobbies (games where all players are bots). Whether you're playing solo or with friends, FNLB ensures your bot is ready to jump into the action without any hassle. You can easily earn wins, XP and do challenges with our bots only matches.

  • Custom Commands and Interactions: FNLB goes beyond basic functionalities. With custom commands and interactions, you can personalize your bot's behavior and create engaging experiences for yourself and other players. Whether it's funny responses or specific triggers, FNLB allows you to unleash your creativity.

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