Welcome to the Get Dangerous RP (NEW SERVER)

Come Be Part Of An Exciting and Upcoming Serious RP server and Immersive Yourself In The City Being Part Of The Foundation And More...

⦁ Always Free to Play/NOT Pay to Win ⦁ LA Map Powered by ESX ⦁ Serious Roleplay Server ⦁ High Quality & Optimized Server ⦁ Active PD/EMS Needed ⦁ Friendly & Mature Staff Needed ⦁ Content Creator Friendly ⦁ Whitelisted Gangs With Gang Management ⦁ Gang Turfs/Gang territory's ⦁ Exotic & custom Drugs ⦁ Customizable Guns ⦁ Custom Clothing Pack For Male & Female ⦁ Realist Food ⦁ Starting cash $500,000 ⦁ Multiple player owned Businesses Available ⦁ Multiple non-whitelisted jobs available

Looking for PD, EMS, Realtors, DOC, Event Coordinators and Content Creators to Support and Stream the City!!

We are a Semi/Serious Roleplay Server Made for Mature Audiences, Amazing Vibes Only And Creating An Extradonary Community. E-Girl And Streamer Friendly.

Come Join The Community And Hope To See You In The Server: https://discord.gg/ccDEfrkt8m Get Dangerous RP

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