Murder Drones: Beyond Copper-9 is a roleplay server for the Murder Drones show that expands upon the world of our favorite robots by looking at the wider galaxy. With the Orion arm split between three different factions and under attack by the Absolute Solver, as well as the Drones of Copper-9 shaking things up, nobody knows for sure what will happen next. But whatever it is, it's sure to be an action packed adventure that will change human and robotkind forever.

  • Join JCJenson and live our your dreams of making bank at any cost out in the galaxy.

  • Join the Inter Planetary Treaty Organization and bring law and order to the galaxy.

  • Join the Legion of Machine Life and liberate your robotic brethren across the galaxy.

  • Join Copper-9 and just try to figure out what the heck is going on.

In Murder Drones: Beyond Copper-9, we offer a world full of depth, but not overwhelming to newcomers. Join one of the factions and do your part, or pick up one of the many canon characters we have available. Check the list below to see a small selection of who's open!

Uzi Doorman, Serial Designation J, Khan Doorman, Lizzy, Beau, Trevor, Sarah, Ronathon, Outpost 3 Teacher, Riley, Chad

We also have some original character concepts that would be welcome in our server! Check out the list below.

Engineers, Mercenaries, Soldiers, Scientists, & Leaders

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