Benefits in this server:

  • Friendly members and staff.

  • An easy way to get roles without annoying bots.

  • Roles that are organized and easy to read.

  • Easy to understand channel list with no useless unorganized channels.

  • No unnecessary pings, with selectable ping roles.

  • The ability to create your own custom RP channels.

  • A place where your suggestions are listened to.

  • A free character template, if you don't have one already.

  • Enough channels for NSFW content.

  • A place to submit all your favorite characters.

  • An info channel that explains how the server works.

If you're reading this far you should join already. If it turns out its not the right fit you can always leave again.

The server is still on the smaller side, but I hope it will quickly grow into something larger. But don't let the small size fool you. It's created by and filled with amazing people. <3

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