Welcome to Four Corners! This is a roleplay server centered around the theme of factions. There are 4 in total, Each one having its own unique push and pull factors, and are somewhat rivaled against each other.

Astera Company: A large research group with the goal of learning and documenting all that can be known.

Clockisle: A retrofuturistic, floating island full of foreign technology and architecture.

City of Cornerstone: a traditionalist sect who attempt to emulate the contitions and technology of the 19XX-20XX era.

Reclaimed Wilds: A group of settlers who have settled in the magical ruins of this planet.

Each area also possesses it's own special item called a MacGuffin, (Original, I know) that enables RTK within a certain radius, can bring back dead characters, and is extremely hard to obtain, though there are restrictions to using the item.

Almost all characters are accepted here, so join our server, and check things out!

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