✦↼ We are an 18+ Disney/Kingdom Hearts roleplay server set in a universe where all of the major Disney kingdoms exist in the land of Fantasia, and the Kingdom Hearts worlds exist separately. This server is only open to adults due to some scenes and content having extreme violence, death, and other various tones of a mature nature, as we are a server dedicated to immersing ourselves in a darker and more realistic side of Disney and KH, while also respecting the family friendly tales as well!

✦↼ Our goal is to bring all manner of Disney fans together to enjoy fun and sometimes emotional roleplay where we can all bond in shared narrative writing! With just about every canon source available, we try to be as flexible as possible while also maintaining consistency in the theme and tone. If you wish to join the Kingdom Hearts portion, it is a serperate server located in this one, serving as a cross-server universe concept. If you have questions, we'll be happy to help! It is important to note that Disney allows both Canons and OCs, but the Kingdom Hearts server is strictly OC only with an original story and plot.

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