The continent is split. Several generations ago, in an event known as the Cataclysm, Humans arrived into the continent of Tusáretaeei in the hopes of settling there after losing their original continent. Misunderstandings led to more and war was waged between the Human shipsagainst the Elves who were the great power, with each having allies. The war ended inconclusively, but the Elves were forced back into the southern part of the continent, losing their dominance in the region.

Today, Seazonia, the largest Human empire, once again wants expansion. They threaten the Elven territories in the south, while the Elves prepare to defend themselves.

=== The game takes place in the Borderlands with you joining either the Elves or the Humans. Games primarily are done both through VC and through text, depending on the DM. The server is also very young, so we're looking for both DMs and players.

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