Welcome to the phrog pond folks we welcome you to a bountiful and fun place.

Alright what we have in store is a few mods that add in different foods and weapons asides for that we are pushing the roleplay narrative alongside are heavy agriculture theme.

They are a vast different type of players and lifestyles that will shape the world around us and hopefully you will come along on this journey and meet some new friends.


  1. Don’t grief housings.

  2. Don’t steal without reason.

  3. Don’t kill without a reason.

  4. No major exploits or hacking unless allowed by a admin or owner message a admin if you do find one.

  5. No big ass farms that crash realms like heavy iron and gold farms, regular farms are alright.

  6. No slurs only within your own party as we have a wide age group keep things at a comfortable level and no weird erp it will be a ban immediately.

  7. Don’t give items to players as a admin everyone has to work for things.

  8. For the love of god pg or pg 13 even in memes or anything.

Minor offenses will be handled but if you break a rule like stealing or killing without reasoning and proof it will result in a ban.

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