Ten years since the League of Villains and AFO lost the war. Ten years of a fragile peace people were quick to cling to, eager to get back to normal life. Little did they know new villains are lurking, old villains plot quietly in the shadows. Some heroes have retired, packing up their gear for a simple and peaceful life. Others have just begun their hero journey; bright hopeful eyes at the gates of UA. All the while life goes on for the citizens of Musutafu none the wiser of the dangers of their fragile peace.


A choose your own adventure server where self-made plots are encouraged, the users are friendly, and the goal is to have fun. Play as a Hero, UA Student, Villain, Vigilante, or even just a regular Civilian! Action/Adventure, Combat, Slice of Life or a little of everything.The sky's the limit.


✫ 18+ only due to dark themes, language, sometimes graphic violence, sexual, and/or other mature themes but generally most content is SFW. We're not exclusively a smut server and any frisky or graphic business is marked as such with spoiler tags. Channels are restricted from view until you read the rules.

✫ Looking for players with a passion for story-telling and well-rounded, extensive character arcs.

✫ Occasional server-wide events but mostly player-led, character-driven stories.

✫ Both Canon and OCs are accepted. Lots of Canon’s available!

✫ Casual style RP; quality over quantity.

✫ The opportunity to tell your own stories within the context of the My Hero Universe.

✫ 100's of immersive RP channels for your characters to explore.

✫ Tupperbox Use for all Characters

✫ Non-Canon Crack RP AU's if you just want to have a little ridiculous fun.

✫ Friendly, Helpful, & Dedicated Staff. LGBTQ+ and POC friendly.

✫ Template for Character Creation & help available if needed.

✫ Characters encouraged to develop a variety of relationships and dynamics with others.

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