Hi Im onima and This is gospel of the new century a 16+ experimental left wing multipurpose server designated for people to congregate, discuss and create things from many topics ala media literacy, to anime to manga and even mental health such like that. I'm currently looking for mods and I'm new to this sortve thing We have- many different roles for each interest of your liking A collaboration channel for artist, game devs, writers, vtubers animators to come together to make something neat. Mental health helpers to describe or help you. Writing and artist room where you try and share your ideas along with a criticism room designated to help creators. Politics channel designated for people to talk about foreign, global and domestic policy Game dev room where you can develop video games on your spare time and talk about games in general.

Vtuber lounge for people to become vtubers or to talk about vtubers.

Musician room to create and discuss music of various kinds.

And more.

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