VanillaMC x NeworldCraft Offers 4 unique Planets.

Mayla: Unique Cities, Fast Travel, Merchants, Banks, PVP Arenas and never before seen terrain generation and NPC Spawning.

Earth: This planet is a Roleplay, MCMMO and diplomatic world. Make wars or friends. Level up your abilities as you play, giving you the upper edge against your opposition.

VanillaMC: Regular SMP, Minimal Plugins.

Pollux: Very hard planet to start from, Mobs are max level, very hostile and spawn frequently. If you are looking for a HARDCORE server with many challenges, rewards and abilities. Choose Pollux!

Build as you please on any planet. Protect it with /town create, every planet has Seasons and Natural Disasters. This effects how you play, winters are very cold and you will need to stay warm. Summers can cause droughts, heat stroke and serious hunger. Can you survive and build a City into a Nation?

Minigames: Skyblock, Tennis, COD Zombies, Fishing and more!


Bedrock ip:

Earth Map - MINIGAMES - MCMMO - 20+ Species - PVE - Weather - Vehicles - Cross Play - Tree Chopping - New Mobs - Level Systems - Wars - Get married - Medkits - PvP, PvE - Better Fishing - Skip Night - 100+ New items - Natural Disasters - Skyblock

100% free to play, 100% uptime. Dedicated Admins & Owner.

[ Now hiring ]

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