**GTG **hosts servers, events, a place to vent, relax and work together. So sit back and join us as Get through gaming online! Servers,and orgs we run?! Sure ! : Arma Antistasi With Teamspeak & TFAR enabled. New War Thunder Squadron for Grinding together! We’ve now grown to 118/128 members! Insurgency sandstorm Server Don't Starve Together! server! We get through Our problems with gaming! We're a community that is mainly created to make new friends and chill in your free time. Focusing on FPS/RPG/RTS/Racing Games! Discord Server Features ✩ non-judgmental, mature community ? Active voice chats & 24/7 music bots

? COOL and EPIC server emotes

? Gaming, Game chats and more!

? Socialize with the coolest members and staff that's literally always on.

? Discord activity bot is on community

?» Level 3 Nitro Boosted Discord. https://discord.gg/GTGC

?️» Experienced players that can train and coach you!

?‍?‍? » A diverse group with world wide membership

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