Hey, you found us!

We're Forever Classic Games, and we've kept a spot (or three) warm for you

We are interested in Video Games, Film, and Other Geek Culture! As well as so much more, ranging from Development, journalism, Art, Music, and far more than can be put into words when it comes to the quality of the community of people we've built up.

We run www.ForeverClassicGames.com and are the hosts of The Forever Classic Podcast.

On the website, we write articles about various games from all shapes and sizes as well as look for developers to let us help talk about their works for others to get more eyes on. You never know when you will find a diamond in the rough out there! We've found quite a few that have surprised us.

On the Podcast, we take dives into current gaming news that also includes talk into anime/manga as well as nifty tech out there for anyone interested in finding something new for themselves or friends.

We aren't all about keeping a stiff back, we are flexible and work with the voices in our community to help build something for everyone where you can feel at home and enjoy common things as well as space to just talk when you've had a rough day and need to unwind or vent.

Our Server is growing and currently features; -Self Assigning Roles -Ticket System -Patreon Exclusive Chat -A Well used Food-Porn Channel because we love to cook! (and eat) -A fun Meme & Pet Pics section with some adorable furballs (and hairless) pets -Webhooks for all our articles, podcasts, and extra media we find for you all to read at your leisure -Self Promotional Areas -Special Role for people Streaming live to help bring more eyes to them -and much more on the way as we continue to grow!

If you think any of this sounds like something you would enjoy being a part of, then please stop by and say hey to everyone! This discord is for people from all over the world, we have people from East-Coast USA to Japan in here and we do enjoy a few good games of Among Us and more!

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