Gaming since 2006, EdgeGamers Organization has been a prominent gaming community in dozens of multiplayer PC GAMES. We currently support Battlefield, Counter Strike, Day of Defeat, Destiny 2, Grand Theft Auto, Garry's Mod, Team Fortress 2, Minecraft, World of Warships, Squad, and dozens more! Still expanding to this day, eGO is the perfect place to make friends and game.

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⭐️ Accessing Gaming Channels Head over to the role-assignment channel to configure what channels you would like to see! Each game has its own channels and voice chats. Click the specific games you’d like to see channels for.

⭐️ Accessing Helpdesk Please utilize the helpdesk area for assistance with any concerns or questions. You can quickly submit a ticket which will be handled by our Administrative team quickly. Send a message in #req-membership to get your membership tag or any other role you may

⭐️ Discord Rules

  1. No disrespect tolerated.
  2. Avatar icons must be PG-13 rated.
  3. No recruiting for other servers or communities.
  4. Your Discord name must match your EdgeGamers name.
  5. No names, messages, or sprays that advocate or oppose a political stance, terrorism, or religion.
  6. No impersonation of any members in EdgeGamers. Our Global Rules:

⭐️ Our Other Discords - EdgeGamers Destiny 2 - EdgeGamers Overwatch - EdgeGamers Call of Duty

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