Are you feeling hopelessly gay? Have your newfound attractions ruined your happy relationship? Is your girlfriend just not enough anymore? Do you feel like your old manly strong masculine straight self has gotten lost, somewhere along the way?

Come join Femboys Anonymous! Meetings held every Thursday and Saturday, right after the biweekly rituals to our ancient deity Hermaphroditus and the sacrifice of a stray non-femboy.

We gots roles, many roles. Self-assignable. Leveling. Purchasable. We gots bots! Many bots! They're annoying, so we keep them in a cellar. (not to be confused with the dungeon) ... (I mean, what dungeon) Fun bots, dumb bots, social bots, bots as big as your head. We gots bois! Many bois. They bite. Grr. Beware. And last but not least... uh, I forgot what was going here but I'm sure there's something. Trust!

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