Mystic Isles is a PVE based ARK community focused on bringing the best aspect of the online multiplayer game ARK Survival Evolved together in one cluster. We currently have 10 maps live that include all original maps and some of the best DLC maps available. We soon will be adding Val which will bring us up to 11 maps. We make use of mods to make gameplay more engaging and fun without taking away from the fundamental aspect of the game itself. We also have increased rates to help you progress though the game at a better pace than that of official game servers. We have made it so that breeders can come to our cluster and freely breed at their own rate. We have a fully automated update and restart system along with an auto decay feature to keep old abandoned bases cleared out so new players have somewhere to build. We offer a fully setup discord with a ticket support system to get players help when they might need it. Come join us in an epic journey through the ARKs! We run boss battles with the community weekly, have various events monthly, and are always available to lend a hand if you need it! Rates

  • Experience gain: 3x
  • Harvest Rate: 5x
  • Taming Rate: 9x
  • Breeding Rate: 15x
  • Maturation Rate: 15x
  • Breeding Cooldown Rate: 15x (We first set out on this journey to make a safe space for all types of different people to be able to enjoy their time and not have a toxic place. We always searched for something like this to call home, but to no avail. That’s when we decided to make our own cluster for everyone! We want nothing more than to see people come in and have fun, explore, and get to know one another. We don’t tolerate trolls, and people that just want to ruin it for everyone. We love to hear people's suggestions and always take it seriously; we want people to feel they have a say in this cluster just like it would be their own.)

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