Free ROBLOX Private Servers with no catch, and no invites required. You can browse our Private Server selection that is owned and managed by the owner of the Discord guild. If you can't find your favourite game, you can always suggest a game in the #game-suggestions channel! Members with a higher MEE6 Level will have their Private Server suggestion bought faster. You can suggest more Private Servers based on your MEE6 Level.

• Helpful, Friendly, & Active Owner & Staff Members (Applications Open) • Individual Private Server Channels • Custom Bot Commands • Many Exclusive Private Servers (Fluctuates up and down when servers expire) • Advanced Verification, Spam & Bad Language Filters • Over 10,000 Members • Level 2 Nitro Boosted

To access the full Discord guild, you have to verify yourself in #✅-verify-here by running /verify. The Server Captcha Bot will DM you a Captcha, DM your Captcha back to the bot to gain access to the Discord guild!. Formerly known as ROBLOX VIP Servers. This is an unofficial ROBLOX Discord guild.

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