• Our History

The Rekt is the name that we decided to give to our group of people 5 years ago when we started to slowly become a community. We decided to move to the Discord platform in 2016 because we discovered a better place to host our community where we found new development opportunities. Since 2016 we've been tirelessly working forming a nice, secure, and safe environment for the people who communicate every day through our server.

  • Our Purpose

We have a clear aim when it comes to our purpose. We are trying to extend the Discord's Mission and the Discord's experience to a completely different level. Discord started to solve a big problem: how to communicate with friends around the world while playing games online. Today, we are trying to achieve this purpose creating a place where you can talk about whatever you want with people who have become designers, developers, community managers, musicians, and above all, incredible and nice people who will receive anyone in our community.

  • Our Development

We've managed to get a Discord bot that makes the experience in the server a lot more interactive and funny developed by a professional developer, incredible themed designs that we change every year to make the server even more attractive designed by a professional designer. We have an incredibly professional team from all over the world who are in charge of maintaining the server and to ensure a good environment for everyone. And we've managed to get the support from our members and soon we hope to get your support too.

  • Join Now and we'll be really happy to receive you!

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