Isen Rose was founded the day before Halloween in 2012. At the time, The Secret World was our only game. We played TSW for years, even cultivating a reputation within the game. But games come and go. Eventually, we decided to start playing other things.

We've played a variety of MMOs—FFXIV, Tera, Black Desert Online and Blade and Soul, just to name a few. We've also played quite a few multi-player games, including several zombie shooters. No matter what we're playing, we strive to remain true to our original intent. The most important thing about this community isn't how well we play. The most important thing is that we're a community where people—all people—are welcome without judgment. We want people to feel comfortable being themselves with us.

While we're not exclusively an LGBTQ gaming community, a number of our members are LGBTQ. You won't find any bullies here. Feel free to talk about your actual life, unedited, with complete confidence that we'll accept you just as you are. And we'll all make it a point to use your preferred gender pronouns. Just tell us what they are.

*Our purpose is to create a safe space where people can game and socialize with authenticity. No judgment and no drama.

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