Main Idea

This server is for those who wish to have unique experience where the majority of time you spend won't be without learning something. If you find Sci-Fi to be interesting, or like realistic/strict roleplay then you might be interested. If you don't like voice chat you probably shouldn't join, if you are inactive for too long without prior notice then you will be removed.

Age Warning

If you aren't 18, you will be subject to stringent ruling. Sexual subjects are intended to be serious here. If you are younger than 15, you will be removed immediately.

The Story of the Tunneling Qouaitum

This server is majorily about the Tunneling Quoaitum. If you would like to hear about a vast amazing story similar to the reality we humans live in, then I encourage you to join. A majority of learning about the story will require some input, just like any other community. The story is similar to such franchises like Halo, 40K Warhammer, and Half-Life. It may peak your interest if you like physics, sociology, military or similar genres of topic.

It's not like most stories with the bounds of generalized story writing, and takes a little more time than other stories to understand. Every now and then, there will be events. Any art or media about the story of the Tunneling is allowed.

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