Who we are

We are an event planning group for Final Fantasy XIV, based in Lich, Light Data Centre. We are a primarily English-speaking group of roleplayers who want to help the denizens of Eorzea add a little more light to their lives in the form of the gatherings and events we and others in our community host.

We focus on

  • Organising and promoting events across the FFXIV Light Datacenter for many different venues
  • Bringing together players for some fun both in-context and out-of-context, promoting welcoming and friendly bonds
  • Introductions to Roleplay, through our @Roleplay Mentors and @Roleplay Novices, as well as areas for character building help, lore questions and chances to experience small-scale roleplay before joining larger events.
  • Support for all kinds of roleplay experiences, including Multilingual roleplay, short plots, long character arcs, and starting your own venue

We hope to see you soon at one of our events!

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