Hey there, we are a small community of friends, looking for even more friends! We focus mainly on Destiny, but we also have channels for other games such as Apex Legends, Minecraft, Halo and so on, for when Destiny's content runs dry.

The server admin recently split off from a larger clan to start a more PVE focused clan (This one!), focusing on Dungeons, Raids, Grandmaster Nightfalls and everything related to finishing your triumph seals. We plan on being there, day one to do new raids, dungeons and PVE content that comes our way. Want to be one of the first to grab the new exotic? We do too!

If you would like to join a community of friends, looking to become something bigger and better, please join!

  • We are primarly UK and EU players, however we welcome all players.
  • Please be 18 or over!
  • For important activites such as Raids and other harder activities, please make sure your mic is decent enough so we can hear you!

Thanks for reading!

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