We are a writing and role playing server offering discussions on writing, world building, role playing, philosophy, and many other topics. We also have 3 different role play settings including SciFi, Modern Horror/Fantasy, and Medieval Fantasy. We are actively seeking out active role players and writers who can enhance our setting by coming up with short or long story lines to enhance overarching plots that are already in place. In addition we fully support that people need a space to work on their own ideas and thus we offer both of Discourse forum as well as channels for discussion of ideas, plots, and the like which are not related to our role play settings. Come join us, discuss, write, and play. Our server is a supportive environment where misfits and creative types that don't fit in well with normal people can come and share ideas, creativity, and strength to hone our skills and have a good time. Our server offers a Wordpress for news, a Wiki for in-game information, and a forum for extended discussions, posting of original works, and long-term role playing.

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