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✩‿︵✩༺ About Us ༻✩︵‿✩

In an endless sea of cold impersonal Minecraft Networks and Hub servers, Wildcraft Serenity wishes to offer you something more meaningful, a server to call home. Our main goal always has been to promote community togetherness, with members joining from far and wide, all around the world. Wildcraft's dedicated members and courteous staff would like to invite you to our server community and into our family.

✩‿︵ ✩ ༺ Features ༻ ✩ ︵‿✩

༺ Community ༻

We strive to make our server community feel as friendly and safe as possible. Visit us on our Discord server to get a true feeling of what we are all about. We encourage players to discuss suggestions or concerns regarding the community as to fulfill everyone's individual interests.

Chat or Spam Memes! Share interests. Weekly Giveaways! Stream events twice a month! ++

༺ Events ༻

Events / Giveaways Movie Nights


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