GXG is a gaming platform for all game mediums. As we grow we are actively looking to recruit not only players, but leaders as well.

Want to meet some friendly people? Have a gaming Twitch/YouTube stream that needs exposure? Want to be a competitive Fortnite or Smash Bros. player?

These are just examples, we want to help you do what you love and if it involves Video Games... then We want to help you grow!

Server Features: Auto Game Trailers Monthly New Release Schedule Auto Free Games updates Auto Sales & Deals Alpha/Beta Sign-Up Notifications 1 Year Event Calendar Twitch & Prime Gaming Drop Alerts Multi-Tiered Reaction Roles (See what you want!) Rewarding Level Up System (Roles & Economy) Multiple themed Giveaways events

With an ever-expanding list we currently have over 50 Games/genres with patch updates, News feeds and player chat.

We also have a robust selection of fun bots in our Bot Arcade: Shoob (Card) Tofu (Card) Piggy (Lv. and Battle) Tatsu (Multi-tool) Maki (Multi-tool) Music (4 at once) PokeTwo (Collect) Tacoshack (Grow) IdleRPG (Adevnture) EpicRPG (Adventure) GamesRob (Retro)

We are looking for Partnerships, Affiliations, Streamers, Admin, Designers, Volunteers, Sponsors, and PLAYERS!!


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