TriHards are recruiting!

Reasons to join Trihards! (What we offer)

Hellgates- Daily hellgates with higher tier hellgate teams that are willing to teach and guide you into hellgates. (yellows or reds)

Crystals- Level 4+ Trihards will be regearing crystals and paying 15k a point. (HUGE REASON TO JOIN FREE MONEY) We also have many high ranked crystal GVG players in the guild.

Ganking We provide many guild ganking sessions that usually make us 10m+ a run.

Daily Guild Activities Everyday Trihards do a daily level 1 20v20 CGVG that attracts many people from many different guilds, but by joining Trihards you'll have first priority, 200+ hideouts/247 fame farm/gank parties, ZVZ, black zone Territories and a huge 15,000 man alliance!

0% tax

_Loads of Egirls

Our main focus is building up the guild. Running daily PVP & PVE activities such as hellgates, crystals, ganks, fame farms etc. Our goal is to achieve a core base of good players to be feared by other guilds. Do You Have What it Takes To Be In Trihards?

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