Are you interested in finding your comrades for :

  • ⭐Rainbow Six Siege
  • ⭐Dead by Daylight
  • ⭐Hide or Die
  • ⭐Paladins
  • ⭐Valorant
  • ⭐CS GO
  • ⭐PUBG
  • ⭐Minecraft
  • ⭐Warframe etc ... Well Ninja Fam is the right community for you.

Hope to see you around, we cannot wait to meet you.

We offer :

  • ⭐Active Staff
  • ⭐Hiring Staff
  • ⭐Art Section
  • ⭐Live Streaming
  • ⭐Fun Server
  • ⭐Friendly Community
  • ⭐Feedback to help support you!
  • ⭐Free Shoutouts + Advertisement growth
  • ⭐Self Roles
  • ⭐Special Designed community for Twitch and Youtube streamers!

We Accept EVERYONE! Humans, Aliens, Goats, and MORE Get to know others and potentially Collab together

We support and share thoughts about :

  • ⭐Gaming World
  • ⭐Positivity
  • ⭐Mental Health Support
  • ⭐Find people to play with for fun and/or competitive
  • ⭐Meet new people to be our gaming comrades
  • ⭐EN/RO/Multilingual Server with customized channels
  • ⭐Promotion allowed!!! Advertise your Twitch, Youtube, Discord etc...
  • ⭐Easy Rules Easy Life
  • ⭐Aesthetic customized server photo + Nitro Boost and much MORE!!!

Note that you can advertise only at lvl 20 in the server.

With Respect,

Babs Fam Community Owner

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