Are you a fan of Ruby? Or are you a fan of Weiss? Do you like them equally? Do you also happen to enjoy White Rose? Well, even if you don’t ship them together, there is a community that does enjoy both Ruby and Weiss!

Our Server, with moderators who are chill and users who don’t like too much drama, is filled with several topics from Gaming to Spoilers about the show and everything else in between. There is a Spoiler channel, so if you are behind on the show (Shame!) then you will be safe from spoilers. General Art Channels so that you can show off your favorite pictures of Ruby, Weiss, or anyone else that you find interesting, both tame and NSFW. You can talk about your favorite games in our games section, or up and coming technology in our tech-workshop. If you’re feeling down and need to let it all out, you are free to do so in a section just for that as well.

So, stop by and come join us! You can personally choose whether you prefer Weiss or Ruby. Or, if you can’t choose between them, you can have a role that shows you love them both equally!

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