Saga of Fang and Claw (or 'SoFaC') is a Science-Fantasy community where anyone can create their own character and build upon the lore. Limitless possibility and maximum freedom.

In the year 2368, the galaxy has been united. The shadow grip of the gods are rapidly waning and chaotic forces grow in the distant darkness of space. How long can peace last?

Key features: 10 years going strong as a private RP, meaning lots of lore to draw upon. Being actively developed, in the early stages of being a public RP so YOU get a say in the development. Real money is being pumped into the project (advertisements, commissions, web domains, etc). Good opportunity to become a higher ranking member of the community early on. Extremely flexible character creation - you can be as mundane or as fantastical as you want. PVP or PVE. Super relaxed rules - almost anything goes. Long-term RPs - longest continuous storyline was three years strong Huge galaxy to play in (more than a dozen civilisations, thousands of planets, plenty of factions, and species) New content being added frequently Two places to roleplay: Discord and Reddit! (Discord is the main, however) And most importantly: huge future development/business plans.


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