Welcome to Roleplay Revived

Roleplay Revived is a Community Hub Server that was born from the ashes of AOL. That little fact means a lot of our members are old school RPers who love to talk about the 'good ol' days' of roleplay. We are an active group of chit-chatters, game players, content creators and photo spammers and we are always looking for new & old friends to join us. Over the past year we have grown into a global community with over 1k members from countries all over the globe including the UK, Germany, Australia and more. As we continue to grow and maintain our primary focus of connecting role-players, we believe there's someone for everyone.

We have active search channels to help you find your old RP friends and channels to help you find new ones if you are still into the RP scenes! Our advertising channels include a wide range of genre's and options to those seeking a one on one experience to full-themed servers including modern, historic, or fictional settings.

We have Live Streamers who like to show off their gaming talent. A DnD discussion thread for theory crafting and DM discussion. There's a photo section for food and drinks where members can get their dinner ideas, and more!

Roleplay Revived also hosts live game nights (Among Us, Jackbox, Cards Against Humanity and more!) As a connection hub, we pride ourselves on having a little something for everyone, and being a place where people can truly connect.

Come take a look around!

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