Have you ever wanted to join a random server... ME TOO SO JOIN "SERVER OF MADNESS" WHERE YOU CAN FIND THE "FRIENDLIEST" PEOPLE haha. anyways join or your soul will be devoured by a Tyrannosaurus Rex

You can self promote anything on this server in the self-promotion text chat including servers your socials all that good stuff. We also have a leveling system for each couple levels you go up you get a new role, so if you're into that we have it.

We have a ton of VC channels too chat with you and your friends we also have music channels if you want to vibe too music and ofc we have a karaoke channel if you ever wanted to sing your heart out...or do whatever music you do.

We have a pretty friendly community that has been private since 2016 and I wanted too open in it up now in 2020 so you can feel the Server Of Madness Experience.

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