Our aim is to gather enough gamers so we have a player base for all types of games. That way you'll have an easier time recruiting new players for your group and in time you'll have a higher chance to recruit people who you know are good & that you can trust.

We figure it may be more fun in the long run if you can hop from one game to the other with people who you appreciate (friends) or simply combine games once in a while.

But for that to happen, we need a lot of players so if you have friends who also use discord, please tell them to park themselves on the server and self assign game roles. If they are patient enough they may be able to call this place their new home in no time :)

We won't interfere with how you prefer to run your Clan/Company. All we ask is that you keep 18+ graphic content & links off the server, and treat everyone with respect. Banter is allowed, provided you don't take it to "on the edge of bullying" since no one wants toxic behavior or drama.

This place is for gamers to enjoy themselves at all times, not for drama queens to force attention!

Thank you for your time and we hope to see you on the server.

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