Why do you install Discord? To connect with other gamers right? Then I doubt you will ever find a community who could give more justice to this purpose. Welcome to Prometheus! Now that the introduction is done, allow me to give you a lowdown of our unique features:

• We have channels that are dedicated to almost every gaming genre under the sun. So Gamers of all shapes and sizes can make themselves at home.

• Simplicity is highly valued here making our channel layout easy to navigate and seamless. Say goodbye to endless scrolling!

• Admins who will redefine your mental image of discord moderators through their efficiency and kindness.

• Still crave GTA? Fret not! We still have an entire category devoted to the game and even our own GTA crew.

• A suggestion system where people are free to suggest new ideas for the server and be heard. So come flex your creative muscles!

• An army of bots that keep the server in shape and are a great pastime. Boredom will be a thing of the past.

Don't believe any of this? Come see for yourself :)

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