I'd like to open with the fact that we're very new to going public. If we're not as active as you'd like, maybe stick around and help be that active person for the next one who joins. That being said, the server owner is almost always around. Just give him a shout and he should reply (unless he's sleeping of course.)

Here you will find a group of 18+ folks who enjoy lewds of much variety, that we wish to share with each other... and perhaps beat the bishop together. We tend to lean on hentai and rule #34, but IRL is still more than welcome, so don't think that won't be appreciated. That also goes for furry art.

We like to consider the place as one you come to after a long day, to grab a drink, relax, chat with the other patrons, and share quality art. We're not focused on gooning, but of building friendships... with benefits.

Think of us as an actual sleepy pub in a world were gratuitous sex is normalized. So you can expect a more laid back environment. Though that's no excuse to be an ass. Our bouncers won't accept people making our patrons uncomfortable. Play your cards right and you may just become a regular.

We look forward to seeing you inside.

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