Welcome to Super Pumps & Signal Kings.

We are here to become the greatest cryptocurrency community. What we provide for you with lot of enthusiasm and passion are listed below:

Free Trading Signals

Airdrops info


Technical Analysis

Trading 101

Our motto “We are stronger together” . Therefore, it is necessary that everyone is part of chats and discussions on our channel. Our main goal is to create a profitable group on all aspects of cryptocurrency. We also want to create a group that informs people as well as possible about everything that happens in the crypto world. To do this our motto refers to the more active the better the community.

Our goal is to make a fair community. This includes giveaways to those who contribute by inviting people and are active in the community. It is important for us to reward those who contribute, because we need growth in our group for bigger profits for everyone! We hope to see you alongside with us during this exciting journey !!

Invite 1 Discord user to this server and you will get acces to our #giveaways channel Be sure that you can participate, so you can earn money in a very simple way

More info can be found at #affiliate_info.


Telegram: https://t.me/superpumpsandsignalkings

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