++Rookshaven University++

A modern mage university set just north of Aberdeen, SCT where rebels terrorize the community at large, while the Royals of the High Council struggle to maintain order. But all is not as it seems. The Rebels push for equality and representation of all mage classes within the mage-world. The Royals hoard power for themselves, only electing members to the Council from within their pure-blooded ranks. They tax mages mercilessly and imprison any who speak against them.

Still the world turns. Students must get their education, and Rookshaven just happens to be one of the best mage schools in the world, as well as the only school for mages in Europe. Tensions continue to rise as the Rebellion gains traction, but all that means is that the Royals will tighten their grip on the masses until the last breath screaming "Revolution!" is snuffed out.


  • Activity-checks every two weeks
  • Monthly Admin-Events where players can earn points for dice
  • 3+ paragraph minimum per post
  • Secondary Server access for approved players
  • NPC Library for testing the waters
  • High-lore focus

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