<Welcome to Club Falsify>

Club Falsify is a new and growing Late night Community. Enter the doors of Club Falsify and enjoy the features our club has to offer. If your looking for friends hit up our bar, If your looking for a lover hit up the dance floor, and if your just looking for someone to game with hit up our gaming lounge. Club Falsify strives to bring its patrons a safe, Friendly, toxic free environment.

We do not tolerate Trolling, Toxicity, or Drama and you will be removed from the server.

<If you belong nowhere, you belong here with us>

If this sounds like the place for you! Step in, Take off your coat, Meet the other club patrons, and Enjoy. Welcome to Club Falsify.

<What Features Club Falsify has to offer>

18+ Server


Friendly & Responsive Mods

Simple Rules

Club Themed Server

A amazing growing Community

Weekly Planned Events

Active Late Night VCs

A variety of Community Channels

NSFW Channels

Dating Channel

Tons of VCs to join

Active and Diverse VCs

Self Assigned Roles

Self Assigned Color Roles

Leveled Roles

Content Creator Roles

DJ Bot

OwO Bot

Mudae Bot

Birthday Bot

Counting Bot

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