• Here’s A List Of Things We Offer •

  • A fun and welcoming community, with friendly staff that genuinely cares about keeping it that way.
  • A starboard / hall of fame to show the world why you are a special person.
  • Scrap-Yard, A unique system in place for you to buy scrap cars, Modify them with level based upgrades and other custom modifications you wish and make it your own sweet ride.
  • Plenty of bots to fit your entertainment needs, including Full-stop Autoshop, A place for custom mods on your scrap-yard rides to show off how much of a baller you are.
  • A fully custom FullThrottle Bot, specially designed to ensure we can give you the best of the best, such as:
  1. A fully automated, regularly held car guessing competition with all of our members.
  2. A fully custom Quiz that allows you to test your knowledge.
  3. A fully automated partnering process.
  4. A fully automated car verification process that allows you to verify your car and gives you a neat custom role so you can show off your sick ride.

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