This Discord server is for SwordVale's Infection PVP gamemode. You can discuss ideas, see sneak-peaks and updates and share your excitement with your friends and the community. To give you an idea of what this gamemode consists of, please read below.

Infection PvP is where you join a map, when enough players have been reached it will teleport you into that map for a random player to become infected. When that infected player eliminates another player, they also become infected. Either, the last person to survive or those who survive until the timer runs out will win. These exact functions are still up for debate pending further testing.

Some of the features will be:

  • Custom classes of Greek deities which you can upgrade
  • Each class having 1-2 passive abilities and a special ability
  • Consumables to aid you as an infected, or a player
  • 'Malice' collected as an infected to aid you as an infected player (pending testing)
  • Multiple leaderboards
  • A payout system, initially starting as store vouchers and growing into PayPal with higher amounts depending on donation goals that will be set
  • Multiple different maps to choose from, with themes being updated during seasonal events such as Easter
  • An extensive Battle Pass system with both free and premium tiers
  • Several different cosmetics to unlock and choose from
  • A Greek storyline incorporated into the mix

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