Come check out our gaming server. What we have to offer:

+Voice channels for games and music.

+Text channels for anime, games, and more.

+Role giveaways. Invite 50 people to stay and you win a role.

+An organized environment.

+Bots for added social experiences.

+Some casual roleplay. Create a character and give them an awesome background. (optional)

+Game days every Saturday.

+Some NSFW content.

+And more to come.

The bots in our server would include: -Mudea




The environment is pretty chill at most times and although we don't have many members we have tons of fun within the server. I intend to make this server great and you better believe it. So please support us by joining and inviting your friends. You don't want to miss out on the fun right? So come on in and have fun with us.

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