We aim to provide a unique adult gaming brand that supports its membership base, from the casual gamer, the avid streamer or to our sponsored MLG circuit teams. We strive to maintain equal opportunity gaming. Too long have gamers hopped around from community to community, clan to clan looking for a real and legit place to spend our free time gaming; whether we play for fun, competition or for sponsorships: Gamers Revolution Network is the place to be. We founded this community on the principle of focusing on the members who make up its core, and never losing sight of this.

Do you play games on a Xbox, Playstation or PC? Do you find yourself wanting to play with more than just NPC's?

Whether you are a casual content tourist looking for friends to play various different games with, or a hardcore title fan looking to hone-skills and potentially get sponsored; Gamers Revolution Network was created with you in mind.

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