Hello lovelies and cuties we are a small but growing AB/DL community, lovingly established and maintained by the thunder system, Angel, the lovely staff team and help of several of our most active members. Majority of our members are ABs or Littles but we happily welcome DL's with open arms as well! We seek to provide a fun, friendly, and safe environment for all who visit our community. We do our very best to help those that are new to the community and life style, be it through advice or guidance, or just a place to talk, vent and meet others like you!

We feature a steadily growing community with discussions about little space, video games, technology, and several more related forms of entertainment related topics. Our members are friendly and loving, and our staff are helpful and friendly as well.

  • 18+ Only! Age verification at entry.
  • We are very accepting of those who are a system, plural or have other dissociative disorders. We have Pluralkit.
  • We are very accepting of LGBTIQ+ Community. Our staff, and the community owners are part of LGBTIQ+ themselves.
  • We have Sanctuary roles for that is a private area for only people who identify as the following Non Binary, Androgyny, Masculine, Femme, and Systems.
  • Roles for Real Life and Little Space Age, Gender, and Pronouns
  • Various ABDL/CGL & Furry roles
  • Anonymous ticket report system where you can report a user that violates rules.
  • Care a lot role related to making people feel valid, and cared for. (Mental health, LGBTIQ+ Awareness).
  • Mental Health Awareness channel
  • What is ABDL channel
  • Minecraft Java Edition Server and channel.
  • Venting & Rant Channel
  • Teddy Bear, MLP, Neko, Stitch, Furry, Diaper emotes.
  • Stitch, Neko, Rapunzel, Stickers.

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