Hello lovelies and cuties! Please feel welcome to come and join our community! We would love to have you! We are a friendly community for littles, adult babies, diaper lovers, caregivers and anyone else seeking guidance or answers in the community. We are a mostly a little space oriented community that is 18+ & SFW, but we do also have a NSFW channel.We are all about Acceptance, Compassion & Understanding! We are very LGBTQ+ friendly! Many of our members and staff are part of the LGBTQ+ community. The more private areas of the server are gated behind level 10, and verifying your age to gain access to IRL Media, NSFW, Venting & Rant, Voice Chat. Below is a list of roles or channels we have within our community some are available once you have verified at level 10!

  • 18+ Only!
  • Custom roles for real life age, little space age, gender and pronouns.
  • -Custom ABDL/CGL and furry roles.
  • Teddy Bear, MLP, Neko + other misc emotes.
  • Premium Dank Memer Bot
  • Unlockable IRL Media, NSFW, Movie nights & Voice chat (Requires level 10 verifying you are of age!).
  • Give aways/Events
  • Animal Crossing, Minecraft Java Edition, Pokemon and other game roles.
  • Reports system where you can report a user anonymously with a ticket
  • Venting & Rant Channel
  • Frequently Asked Questions channel that gets updated often.
  • Very accepting of people who are a system that have DID/MPD. We have Pluralkit for that.
  • Very accepting of people who are transgender, or anything else within the LGBTIQ+ community.

We also have a website down below are pages we have about our community, and other info to help people understand What ABDL is!

About Us What is ABDL? AlyssaSundale Gallery

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