Mockingbird Village

Long Term RP (Over 3yrs)
Balanced Characters
LGBTQ friendly
Organized Server/Player info
20 Roleplay Channels
Quick reference roles

Our Purpose: This server is geared toward a very specific type of role-player. Mockingbird is for busy people who don't have time to sit and RP for hours a day. (For example: working parents, university students, or students with busy offline schedules and people working two jobs.) You can trust everyone here is active but not too active.

Setting and Mixed Genre: There is no set style of character or genre. We have seen angels, demons, cyborgs, vampires, wizards, Jedi, time travelers, humans with no special abilities, animal-human hybrids, and even non humanoids. Plots have included everything from small business and romance stories, to tales of personal growth, timeless battles and deep mysteries.

Our focus is on long term story telling, rather than combat, so please bring your character and bring their story – whatever they may be. We look forward to making them part of our stories. Make Mockingbird your own just as we have done. Make us fall in love with your character and your writing. Make us care why your character does what they do make us feel their pain when they feel it.

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