On this server, SunClan, DeathClan, and the Flora Rogues clash in a contest of magic and might. Who will come out on top? While it’s possible- never likely, only possible- for individual members of each to get along with each other, nearly every meeting between any two of these groups ends in conflict.


The largest of the three, SunClan is made up of clan cats- cats who follow the warrior code, adopt clan structures, and commune with their ancestors in StarClan. There is one difference- cats of SunClan have powers. Not all cats end up with these abilities, and no one is quite sure where they come from. Even cats who grow up outside the clan may manifest these powers, and Splitsun gladly welcomes them with open arms- er, open paws.


DeathClan, while also based around clan ideology, doesn’t exactly fear StarClan. This clan is SunClan’s direct counterpart. DeathClan cats have powers the same as SunClan, which makes clashes between the two earth-shaking at best and horribly deadly at worst. For all of the clan’s tyranny and disregard for certain parts of the warrior code, they are quick to accept any creature willing to swear fealty to Deathstar.

❃⚔The Flora Rogues⚔❃

Unlike the clans on the list, cats of the Flora Rogues neither have powers nor are a clan. This is a group of highly militant, mostly female cats with a distaste for the superpowered cats that occasionally wander into their territory. While they have the disadvantage of living as mortal cats among their magical neighbors, their strength arguably lies in the technology available to them- particularly the metal-working blacksmiths that fashion deadly, metal claws for the group’s fighters, among other things.

This server features:

  • ❂ Special abilities- characters are allowed up to two powers!
  • ❂ Battles and conflicts across clans!
  • ❂ LGBT friendly (and majority)!
  • ❂ Literate paragraph roleplay- good grammar/spelling encouraged!
  • ❂ A close, tight-knit community!
  • ❂ Lax, friendly moderation with an emphasis on having fun!
  • ❂ Members 13+ please, per Discord rules- swearing is allowed on the server, though any nsfw is NOT

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