[ok bare with me here I'm genuinely bad at explaining things] -art server -But also we really love video games. -Game nights to fuck around in games >:) -completely SFW, cussing is allowed -easy verification. Just write an intro -easy self assignable roles -owners and admins to help you out anytime :) -adopts, raffles, and giveaways -area to talk about oc's/sonas -area for stimming and info dumping! -area for all types of writing -many bots to mess around with -advertisement area and place to promote/buy commissions -stream/live area for anyone that wants to stream some games or drawing -area to stream movies or YouTube videos with others -just do whatever u want as long as it follows the rules! -suggest anything else you'd like to see :D

-Games we play- Destiny 2 Paladins Warframe GTA V Roblox Unturned Minecraft Gmod and probably a lot more I can't list :D

Enjoy your stay in the Doodle Den Guild!

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