We are the CounterHawks. Our mission is to transform gaming and creative work by creating a positive aura. We seek to be chief in terms of quality and reliability. We value collaboration, honesty and reverence.

At the CounterHawks server, we do not create a new community. Instead, our goal is to unite existing communities to forge a hub where everyone can feel safe in.

This is what you get in this server:

We have high-quality voice channels and a variety of text channels! We have 20 bots which you can play around with! We have a cryptocurrency marketplace in which you can trade cryptocurrency! We have 75+ custom emojis! We have tryouts for our corporation! We have a promotion/advertising channel! We reward active members with roles! We ask a question everyday! We host multiple giveaways! We accept feedback to improve the server!

Be sure to have the Hawk Spirit!

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